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The story of two young women

Two young women were filled with ambitious dreams for the future. The first was in her early twenties, single and had just moved to Washington DC. The other was in her forties, married with a young son. They both went into real estate sales... and were very successful! For one, her success felt like she’d been sentenced to death...  for the other, her success transformed her life!

So, what made the difference?

First, let’s turn back the clock... The twenty-something young woman’s first day in the business, a colleague asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?” She nodded “Yes.”

“You won’t for long!” she was warned. Turned out to be true.

So, right from the beginning, the message was clear, “Success meant not having a life.” The young woman rolled up her sleeves and went to work... and worked harder... and harder... and harder - until she had nothing left, except a bunch of trophies.

She woke up one morning and just walked away.

The other young woman, in her forties, took a different approach. She had a life and she didn’t want to wreck it! She was willing to work hard... but unwilling to lose everything by constantly chasing the next deal. The young woman realized that she needed some help. She was lucky, her husband became her business partner.

She was sales... he was marketing.

Together they launched a real estate sales business which in it’s infancy faced the Economic Collapse of 2008... and thrived!

How did they do it? Achieve explosive growth during the most challenging market in history!

They developed, tested and improved sales & marketing systems judged by a sole criteria... “What’s Working Now?”

And so, instead of allowing their business to wreck their life... it funded their freedom.

Remember the young son? He graduated from high school and played baseball for all four years of college at Emory in Atlanta. They’d built a business that enabled them to follow his team all across America... including two College World Series!

What Made The Difference

What do you think? Did one young woman want success more than the other? How could their lives be so different? One... hating her business, and the other... loving her life.

You’ve probably guessed... Marjorie was both of those young women.

How could one women have such dramatically different experiences in the same business? Simple... she realized that she didn’t have to do everything all by herself. She didn’t have to go it alone.

That’s why Marjorie and Bill started the Ambitious Agent Network. Marjorie didn’t want others suffering through what she did... consumed by a growing business that was wrecking her life!

That’s why they are sharing...

A Business Blueprint Unlike Any Other

You see, Marjorie and Bill are unique. They are not real estate gurus isolated in an “ivory” tower, removed from the reality of selling homes. They’re not spouting theory. If you want to know “What’s Working Now?” in their business... they’ll tell you.

That’s how it all started... each month Bill & Marjorie broadcast LIVE “What’s Working Now?” in their business, so you can model it to grow yours without reinventing the wheel.

Success Leaves Clues... Follow Their Footprints

Their classes aren’t for academics. Bill and Marjorie cover the “nuts & bolts” in “interactive” Strategy Sessions and Marketing Workshops, sharing their latest market-proven innovations. Got a question? Hop on one of their monthly coaching video conferences.

Be on the lookout for their monthly “Cheat” sheet delivered to your inbox. Subscribe to Bill’s blog... AmbitiousAgentHacks.com. It’s a little whacky!

Get Started For Only $1 

Check them out. See how much Bill & Marjorie help your business and your life! It only costs a dollar for the first month, then keep growing your business for $397 a month.

Want to “jumpstart” your business? Then, you’ll love the Ambitious Agent Blueprint... get started for a dollar and it’s FREE!

Most agents struggle trying to develop their personal brand. How about you? No problem... you’ll get the Ambitious Agent Branding Masterclass right after you get started.

An Investment In Success

It’s only a buck. You don’t have to be Warren Buffett to recognize a wise investment... Let’s grow your business without wrecking your life!

Feedback & Reviews​

Funny thing! "What's Working Now!" for us...Is working today for Ambitious Agents becoming "Rainmakers"

” Marjorie is a ROCKSTAR! I recently competed in a multiple offer situation... Marjorie's negotiation skills are on point-- in the end, we worked together to create a win-win! “

Shannon Hettinger

TTR Sotheby's

” Really enjoying training on marketing... particularly the use of video. They have a lot to say... I recommend you check them out!  “

Carlos Garcia

Eng Garcia & Grant Co

” [Their strategies]... are super easy to put in practice and get more listings!  “

Veronica Seva-Gonzalez

Keller Williams Capital Properties

Are you ambitious?

Join the Ambitious "Rainmaker" Mastermind... a collaboration of the Ambitious Agent Network, guided by founders, Bill & Marjorie Dick Stuart, and supported by Keller Williams | Capital Properties.

YOU’RE AMBITIOUS. SUCCESSFUL… but always chasing the next deal, frequently sacrificing precious time with loved ones.

YOU’RE AMBITIOUS. HARD-WORKING… but not getting the results you need and deserve.

YOU’RE AMBITIOUS. JUST GETTING STARTED, EAGER, EXCITED, ENERGETIC & ENTHUSIASTIC… but frustrated because you just don't know what to do?

Need advice?​

Sometimes the answer to a "quick" question is a "big" deal!

Let's grow your business without wrecking your life!

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