How to grow your business... without wrecking your life?

Guiding your growth with...“What’s Working Now!”

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Let's Grow your business... without wrecking your life

Guiding your growth with..."What's Working Now!"

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Stop throwing away money on worthless leads!

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Never suffer the embarrassment of begging for business again!

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Find out... "What's Working Now?"

These aren't case studies... they're case stories.  They aren't ripped from the headlines... they're ripped from the front lines of "real life" success in real estate.  See for yourself...


       Over 35 years ago, Marjorie, with $2,100 in her jeans, arrived in Washington, D.C. She quickly earned a reputation as an “agent like no other” for her extraordinary negotiations, sharpened by each experience. Marjorie emerged as Cleveland Park’s “favorite” agent, fueled by the energy of immediate action and relentless advocacy, vital to each client. Marjorie, together with her husband and business partner, Bill, grew their business through the 2008 economic collapse, guiding their clients to success during one of the most challenging real estate markets in history.

     How did they do it? They developed imaginative, innovative marketing strategies, creating a competitive advantage, championing each client. The Washington Post highlighted three of Marjorie’s “Under the Radar” success stories. She broadcasts on Facebook LIVE “What’s Working Now,” real-time buyer and seller tips posted on Buyers devour her dramatic video series, “Moving Pictures.” See for yourself... get your free “Go Viral” Video Guide at   

     Savvy sellers trust Marjorie’s market-proven, premier positioning to sell fast for top dollar. Frustrated buyers count on her to uncover “off-market,” hidden gems. Marjorie’s clients rely on her sound advice and expert negotiating skill to guarantee their best shot to beat the competition for their dream home, or to get more money when it’s time to sell.

            While continuing to grow their local real estate practice, Marjorie and Bill train and mentor agents around the country. Just recently, Marjorie was invited to speak at the Keller Williams Family Reunion, a gathering of over 30,000 agents in New Orleans.


Top 1% in North America. Number one agent with Keller Williams | Capital Properties. Top agent in Washington DC | Maryland Region. Recognized annually by Washingtonian Magazine. as “Top Producer.” Honored by the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors with QUILLY Award in Hollywood for ‘UNcommon’ with Brian Tracy. EXPY Award from National Association of Experts, Writers & Speakers for ‘Success Today’ TV interview aired on ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX.

Let's grow your business without wrecking your life!

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